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Entry Deadline: January 14

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be announced in the March 2019 issue.

Salute the Power and Progress of Women in Meetings

The meetings industry is filled with inspiring women who drive excellence each day with creativity, commendable work ethic and a true talent for bringing people together brilliantly. Smart Meetings is proud to announce the fourth annual Smart Women in Meetings Awards. This annual awards program recognizes uplifting industry forces in a special issue of Smart Meetings magazine and at a bespoke event, custom designed to advance careers, create powerful networks and pave the way for the next generation of women in meetings.

Nominate the talented, accomplished women in your circle who add value to everything they touch and who light the way with ideas, ideals, vision and progress. From leaders and luminaries to entrepreneurs, stellar performers and rising stars, join us in recognizing the top women in the meetings industry who continue to open new doors for all with creativity, passion and drive.

Smart Meetings is dedicated to curating a community of strong, talented women and fostering their opportunity for growth. Show your support for your colleagues and submit your nominations today so we may share their stories tomorrow.

Winners Will Receive National Recognition

Winners will be featured in the March 2019 issue of Smart Meetings magazine (print and digital editions)

Recognition and exposure through, national email newsletters and social media

Exposure in a national press release distributed over a major newswire

On-stage honors at the Smart Women in Meetings Awards Ceremony at the 2019 Smart Woman Summit

Smart Women in Meetings Awards Ceremony and Dinner

Winners will be honored at the Smart Women in Meetings Awards ceremony and dinner at the fourth annual Smart Woman Summit on May 8 in Las Vegas. All winners in attendance will receive on-stage recognition along with their award. This powerful ceremony is a phenomenal opportunity for winners to share in the success of their industry peers.

Submit your interest in the Smart Woman Summit here and be the first to receive invitations, announcements and updates on this notorious industry conference.



Women who have been recognized over the years as true leaders in the meetings industry and role models for others in field.


These trailblazers paved the way for more women to be accepted as the leaders they were born to be. These role models are mentors, boosters and pioneers who did what others said could not be accomplished. They saw the future and had the skills and courage to make it a reality.

Industry Leaders

These are your female colleagues of all ranks who have made a significant impact on the meetings industry. Natural born leaders, these go-to women lead their teams with vision, confidence, foresight and finesse.


Women who embody change and progress, and are consistently raising the bar in their field. These innovative thinkers light a fire for everyone who works with them and are committed to the evolution of their brand. They are compelled to try new things, never back down from a challenge and maintain a contagious thirst for breakthrough ideas.


These innovative, original thinkers are women who have launched their own company or brand. True trendsetters and trail blazers, these women have paved the way for their own success, steer their colleagues in the same direction and reach for new opportunities every chance they get!


These are women who are known for always getting the job done, no matter what. These can-do colleagues are the first to roll up their sleeves, persevere through any obstacle, are savvy problem solvers and stare challenges in the face with a smile. True women warriors, there's nothing these doers can't handle!

Rising Stars

These blossoming career women are in the early stages of their careers and are already making their mark in the meetings industry. they are smart, talented, diligent professionals whose hard work and effort is an inspiration for us all!

Past Winners

See more past winners in our March 2018 issue!

How to Enter

Submit your nominee(s) using the form below. Strong nominations will include specific achievements and milestones accomplished by the nominee, as well as personal characteristics and abilities that allow her to shine among her peers.

Entry Deadline: January 14

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be announced in the March 2019 issue and receive honors in May at the
Smart Woman Summit